From my elementary days where I would obsess about the next Goosebumps book coming out to my junior high days where I was introduced to books such as “The Oath” and “Sedona Storm” I knew I had found my passion – reading books that took my imagination to another (scarier) world.

Well I went from reading to writing (and I still continue to read of course). On this page you will find some poetry that I have written as a result of my imagination and influences from the darker genre of books and music.

I have also written a book (“A Darker Calling: the forest of the forgotten”). In my years of reading (especially Christian horror/spiritual warfare) I had that feeling that these books weren’t as dark as they could be; many times the endings were disappointing as they always had the ‘good guys’ winning or the book concluded with a turn of events that didn’t fall in line with the pace of the book. So in the book I have written and the manuscripts I am working on, I am trying to remain a student of suspense, shock, horror, and spirituality and to do it all justice.

I hope this site is enjoyable.