A (chilling) Excerpt from my Book

So my book is on sale via amazon.ca or amazon.com. Specifically the ebook is presently on KDP Select. That notwithstanding, I just want to share an excerpt from my book that even when I go back and read it I am finding that chills go up my spine! (And there’s more like this in the rest of the book!) Enjoy!


TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK. THREE AM. David’s eyes opened. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and tried hard to remember the dream he was just having. With no chance of recalling, he stood up from the couch and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. On his tippy-toes, he climbed the stairs as quietly as he could, not wanting to wake Rachel with the squeaky boards.

The master bedroom was slightly lit, allowing him to notice that Rachel was not in the bed. With his eyes drawn to the curtains being blown by the wind, he saw Rachel’s silhouette painting on the deck.

“Oh hey, you’re still up,” he said. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep downstairs but I was out before I knew it.” David stripped down to his boxer-briefs and a muscle-shirt and then curled up under the covers of their bed. “And how are you still up?” he asked.

There was no answer from Rachel. David knew it was obvious that she didn’t answer but also that she hadn’t affirmed his presence earlier.

“Everything okay Rachel?”

Silence, even though her silhouette continued to apply brush strokes to the canvas. He pulled the covers back and got to his feet calling her name out one more time. “Rachel, it’s probably best that we get to bed.” Still no response.

He knew it would be tortuous to turn on any more lights as his eyes would have to adjust drastically. He stopped at the edge of the bedroom, an arms length from Rachel, and decided to turn the balcony light on. To his discomfort, the light was blinding. As for Rachel, she never responded to the brightness. Without reservation, David reached out and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned her head slowly to face David who stood to her right. He looked at her face and saw Rachel’s mouth slightly open in a frowning posture. Her eyes were bloodshot and her eyebrows were raised. Her look revealed an overwhelming sense of desperation.

Noticing that Rachel kept intensely dabbing her paintbrush, David looked to see what she was hitting. To his shock he saw a fresh, large cut on her left forearm that she kept hitting; hitting so hard that the brush would sink into the cut. Immediately he pulled the brush away from her only to finally notice that the canvas she was painting on was only covered in blood.

“Rachel, what are you doing?” he yelled. He could feel the fear and anxiety rising in him, feeling paralyzed to even grab his wife and shake her to her senses.

“The blood is the life, David.”

“Yes, Rachel. Yes it is. And that’s why you need to stop.” David had no idea what she meant and wasn’t going to ask her explain herself.

“Jessica has no more blood so that means she has no more life. But I still have life because I still have blood.” Rachel took her right index finger and inserted it into the cut and then pulled it out and smeared the blood all over her face.

“Rachel you have to stop. I don’t understand why you’re doing this.” David still felt paralyzed even though his arms were moving uncontrollably.

“Nothing makes sense anymore David.” Rachel’s face remained blank as she kept sticking her finger in her arm.

“But I’m here Rachel. I love you. And these are good things. Right?”

“But that will change too David.” She pulled her finger out and sucked the blood off. “Jessica is gone and she believed in God. Where is the hope in that? And Nate, well,” Rachel laughed without moving any facial muscles, “that was enough for me.”

“Nate? What happened to Nate?” David was becoming more frantic as anything could have happened to Nate. “Rachel, where is he?”

“Oh, don’t worry about Nate. He’s a demon and will be well taken care of. But,” Rachel let out an exasperated exhale, “if my precious grandson isn’t worth anything to God then how much less am I worth?”

“But you mean so much to me.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it matters Rachel.”

“No, David, it doesn’t.” Rachel turned back to her painting and continued to paint with her finger. “And that’s the refreshing thing, there is no fear or anxiety when nothing matters. I’m a completely different person. I wonder if this is how Jessica feels?”

“Rachel stop!” David got his bearings and turned Rachel around and shook her.

With as much force as possible, Rachel screamed in David’s face causing him to step back. “Goodbye David, I can’t do this anymore.”


Rachel placed her hand on the railing and leaped over it, dropping one story to the ground. David ran to the railing only to see Rachel and her white silk robe disappear into the back woods.

David flew down the stairs and rushed out the back door screaming Rachel’s name. Sprinting through the fire pit and entering the woods where he saw Rachel last, he came to a stop hoping to hear any noises.


David turned around and ran to his truck and sped into town. All he could think was that he needed to get to Lee’s house. The tires screeched in the round about before he gained control and headed south on Alistair Street. In the middle of the road, the trucks headlights caught a figure walking. David drove slowly by the figure and saw that it was Ms. Sharpton. He stopped the truck in hopes that she would be of some immediate help before he got to Lee’s.

“Ms. Sharpton, I need your help. There’s something wrong with Rachel.” David came right up to Olivia and, like Rachel, she didn’t respond to him. “Ms. Sharpton, I said there’s something wrong with Rachel. She cut herself and jumped off our balcony. I can’t find her.” Olivia had stopped walking and just looked at the ground.

In frustration David grabbed her and forced her to acknowledge him. Olivia looked up at David with wide eyes and a childish grin. Unclear to him was the muttering coming from Olivia’s mouth.

“I…I can’t understand you Ms. Sharpton. What’s wrong?”

Olivia just kept muttering and smiling as if her nonsense was some kind of self-realization.

“What’s going on?” he screamed. “What aren’t you telling me, Ms. Sharpton?”

“It’s Olivia,” she asserted in a growling voice. “My name is Olivia.” SNAP. Olivia shrieked in pain, her eyes watering while she wore a smile. David took a step back. “I am a sinner.” SNAP. Olivia took a step forward.

“Ms. Sharpton what are you doing?”

“Olivia! My name is Olivia.” SNAP. Olivia raised up her left hand to show him that she had broken her pinky, ring, and middle finger.

David walked backwards to his truck with his hands on his head. He had no idea what was going on.

“David, are you going to help? Apparently I need help. Apparently I’m crazy.” Olivia brought up her right hand and used the two remaining digits on her left hand to snap her middle finger. She screamed and laughed at the same time. Her eyes got wider as she bent over in pain. David jumped into his truck cabin and locked the door. Olivia looked at him and turned around to continue walking down the street. Staring on in fear, David heard Olivia give one final shriek before he sped past her.



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