I’m Publishing my Book

In my ‘about’ section I talked about writing a book and that I wanted to write something in the vein of the Christian Supernatural. Well, I did that. It will be darker than what usually graces the shelves of Christian Book Stores but, in my opinion, nothing I could ever write would be as dark or sinister as what is actually out there (and that is freaky).

Regarding my publishing, I am doing it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I have always dreamt about taking the avenue of classic publishing – sending your manuscript in and waiting for it to be accepted or rejected – but that doesn’t seem to be the way things are going these days unless you’re an already established writer. And who has the money to self-publish?!

So my manuscript is waiting the allotted 72hrs to verify its screening time (and I only had one spelling mistake according to the spell check provided; not bad for such a large writing: my Word document was single sided, double-spaced … and 486 pages!). I am looking forward very much to its arrival in the Amazon store. As for the title, I’ll keep that a secret till the book comes out. Anyway, I hope it sells millions and inspires many more.


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