Feisty Picket Fence

Oh picket fence you’re feisty
Splintered and Decayed
Sunken down within the ground
Where little children lay
A frail boarded entrance
That locks the inside deeps
And lets the outer limits
Only dream of what’s in keep

A lonely chimney speaketh
Spewing out harsh words
And helping darken up the sky
Where light cannot endure

But little creatures of the mist
You always come to play
Dressed in wounds and mourning flesh
From mutilations in the day
The eerie ground that still resounds
Protruding graven stones
Kept alive by crying rain
And the screaming thunder’s tone

For the ghosts that walk and reapers roam
House keeping on the land
And making love in sinful lust
With evil’s contraband

My picket fence is feisty
Holding secrets close
And my yard is paradise
Always losing sight of hope
The night will lurk-if wanted
Bringing all the fears
And light will stalk close behind
For many more long years.

Oh how these men love darkness
And dancing with the hate
To be drawn down even deeper
Impaled on the gates
Oh house you’re only haunted
With morbid memories
Wanting just forgiveness
But never having peace.


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