Feisty Picket Fence II

Oh picket fence you’re rotting
As time doth linger on
And soaking there in mud and blood
What is they midnight song?
Does it sway in lover’s mist
With the demon succubae?
Or does it lead the breeze in dance
Because it never dies?

Oh piece of wood you’re dying
Still thou art sunken deep
A part of you does still hold true
Even when the end does creep

And oh you little friends
That still do come and play
But tonight, above your sight
They to the darkness prayed
Pulsing veins in mourning flesh
They called to morbid things
Like greater screams in Christian dreams
And dead-cast birds to sing

The skies did burn with passion
As harkened portals grew
The moon has made deeper deeps
To only hope for what she knew
Little Nape and Folly
-the two that chanted gross-
Smiled and cried in suicide
Of evil’s overdose

Upon her knee she bows
With folded hands in front
For little screams within her dreams
At her age was all too much
Her little brother lying
Deep within the ground
Just beyond the picket fence
The lying body … bound
Her prayer in mind will mingle
For comfort in her chest
Was lifted up unto the sky
She now just hopes to rest.


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