A Darkness Ensemble

A darkness ensemble, a mantra in mind
A darkness ensemble, a mantra in mind
A darkness ensemble, a mantra in mind
A darkness ensemble, my eyes couldn’t find.

‘Til one screamers night – a picture in frame
Melted the moonlight and called out my name
High steeple and bell that slept in the clouds
Enchanted by trees who whispered aloud.
World to world I lucently crept
Relaxing in filth as I hauntingly slept
Vineyards and graveyards – as gardens they were
To the morbid mortician … so disgustingly pure.

Bare skin – I’m choking and warmed by the night
In creaturesque freedom I hold on so tight
Imprisoned by gates, yet I’m on the outside
For I knew what I wanted – on the inside to hide.
From one thrust to pain, I broke within
And fell upon my knees to behold all the sin
A front yard of tombstones, in monolith trance
And dark to the root were the trees as they dance.

One story, two story, each floor is darker
And made even deeper with the moon that allures
Still one hand in front, and foot after foot
I climb up the wall like the twisted of rooks.
The bell tower shimmers and its rooftop did glow
Entrails of flesh night harkened to show
Pulsing and lurking my veins did throb
As a dark silhouette in a deep murky bog.

The yards turned to inches and I knelt down before
A shudder and pane glass that held so much more
Piercing the darkness, my eyes shot inside
And I pushed back the borders to frighten my mind.
Lo from the rafters and spider webs cobbed
Was a tomb with a woman that made my heart rot
Her dead body lay, with cold broken skin
And long flowed her hair, telling stories of sin.

I walked on the stone and came up beside
Where I glanced on her face and saw tears in her eyes
This room of lost hope in death to confide
Will embrace all the sorrow of dreams that have died.
The scars on her hands and marks on her chest
The bruise on her neck made her never forget
That she’d never be more than one thing for sure
Someone with dreams that would never come true.

My eyes start to bleed and my hands turn to dust
For even in dreams it can be all too much
I’m pulled through the rooftop and thrown to the tombs
The gardens are spinning as I awake to my doom.


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